Beyond Reasonable Drought

Smart Farming Systems


National Field days Drystock Farmer of the Year in 1992, Hawkes Bay Farmer of the Year 1994, The AC Cameron East Coast Award of Excellence in 1998, awarded the inaugural East Coast Farm Environment Award 2012, NZ Agricultural Communicator of the Year, 2013 HB Farm Forester of the Year, 2014 Individual making a significant contribution to the NZ Sheep Industry

About the only good thing to come out of a drought, farmers agree, is that it brings lost tools to the surface. Feed budgeting is a valuable tool. An early convert in the mid- 80s and promoter of it as a monitor farmer 10 years ago, Steve will show you why using real data to plan and monitor pasture growth, matching it to your stock’s needs allows you to take advantage of opportunities other farmers will never get. Adaptation, smart IT systems and disciplined feed budgeting enabled Steve to survive the recent drought and even to make what he considers a reasonable profit each year. If you’re tired of getting the same poor results come hear what Steve has to say.

Developing Resilience
for Life’s Challenges


Farmers...they’re a pretty tough bunch aren’t they? Well apparently they bleed like everyone else! That’s according to resilience practitioner Dennis Hoiberg.

Emotional resilience is just a person’s ability to understand that there are going to be good as well as bad times and a person’s ability to bounce forward through those times. “Farmers are constantly facing periods of change, whether to do with relationships, family, business or climate issues.” “Many people in rural areas would tell me wellness is directly linked to the results of the business - especially the profit, which is of course true - but you can’t run a good business in this environment if you are not looking after yourself.” Dennis is one of Australia’s leading resilience strategists and has dealt with producers faced with extreme adversity including drought, flood and fire. He has decades of experience in helping them bounce back from a crisis.


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